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”He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.“ – Jim Elliot

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Child OSI has helpedWho We Are:

Operation Serve® International (OSI) is a non-denominational ministry established in 1983 with a passion to extend the Kingdom of God on earth. OSI deploys hundreds of Great Commission minded Christians to serve the poor and needy as well as train national leaders. As a Kingdom minded ministry our teams come from a wide range of Christian denominations and affiliations. Our motto is “Sharing the Love of Christ in Word & Deed!”

Our Mission:

The mission of Operation Serve® is to motivate and mobilize concerned Christians to assist in the work of God among the poor and destitute in underserved and unreached places. OSI seeks to strengthen existing ministries in their presentation of the Gospel of Christ by communicating the love of God in both Word and Deed.

Girl in NY Yankees hatOur Methods:

OSI uses four avenues to accomplish the overall mission of Operation Serve: Mercy Missions (Short-Term Teams), Education and Community Development, Indigenous Leadership Training, and Oasis Publishing.

Self Assessment:

Every month OSI tracks the amount of people served in each area of Service such as Medical, Dental, Optical, Hair Care, Trade & Literacy Schools and the number of volunteers who served per month. Furthermore, we monthly assess our specific per set goals for the year and compare them to what was accomplished.